If These Halls Could Talk

The Story of Michipicoten High School 1954-2004


Well here it is!  “If These Halls Could Talk – The Story of Michipicoten High School 1954-2004”. Exactly 3 years after the memorable MHS 50th Reunion weekend in 2004!


The seed for this amazing project was first planted by the MHS 50th Reunion Organizing Committee 18 months prior to the actual event.  Anticipating the afterglow of the 50th Reunion, we realized we would have to document the memories and experiences that so many people would share during the reunion.

Throughout the memorable weekend, we were all aware that it did not seem to matter what decade or era you experienced, there was a tangible connection between us all.  Our high school experiences and memories may all be varied and different, but they all occurred within the same walls and echoed through the same halls of MHS.

 The original purpose of this book was to record the unique history of how our small town high school evolved.  It became apparent that this history would have to include the dynamics of the many different faces and experiences of all of us who attended MHS. For 50 years MHS has provided a venue for teachers and students to learn and grow in this unique corner of Northern Ontario.

 This book is a tribute to the many teachers who inspired us, to the lasting friendships we made, and to the life experiences that would help mould our futures.  If These Halls Could Talk was created to simply say “Thank You” to an inspiring little high school, and to preserve the history and past memories of MHS for future generations of MHS students.

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