Algoma Central Railway

Until 1960, the Algoma Central Railway was the main means of transportation in and out of Wawa.  The original Michipicoten spur was built around 1900 between the Helen Mine and Michipicoten Harbour.  It was then extended to Hawk Junction when the main line from Sault Ste Marie was build to "Hawk".  The A.C.R. provided rail passenger service and brought in all the goods needed by Wawa and Algoma Ore.  As well, it transported the sintered ore from Wawa to Michipicoten Harbour and the steel mill in Sault Ste Marie.  In 1961, rail passenger service from Wawa was terminated.  Other than servicing Algoma Ore, there was little requirement for freight service for the Michipicoten Spur because it was taken over by trucking services that used the Trans Canada Highway which was opened in 1960.  When Algoma Steel completely shutdown the mining and sintering operations in 1997, the A.C.R saw no need for the spur, so it removed all the track from Michipicoten Harbour to Hawk Junction and abandoned it completely .



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